Popov, Arnaudov and Partners Law Office operates through its constant working group with a focus on e-government and e-Justice. Our team performs as it follows:

  • Analysis, description and reprogramming of legally regulated functions and working processes;
  • Support on legal framework implementation regarding electronic identification, electronic document exchange, e-government field.


Four working groups has been implementing on projects, related to regulatory framework improvement as well as on management capacity of the Bulgarian institutions in different social spheres – including through:

  • Good-practice analysis, applied in other countries as well as recommendations for its implementation;
  • Drawing up normative acts drafts;
  • Assessments of systems and models, together with their effectiveness – including systems for managing and controlling organizations, programs, etc.

Experience and references

Among the implemented projects in the sphere are as it follows:

The Administration of the Council of Ministers:

  • Project: Inventory and analysis of regimes, administrative services and information arrays/registers, reforming the existing organizational model and state register maintenance, which happens to be fundamental for the e-government implementation.
  • Result: a comprehensive form analysis, procedures, deadlines and documents regarding service provision in all state institutions at district and municipal level (2576) and more than 2000 proposals for amendments to normative acts, representing a comprehensive methodical approach in terms of administrative reform as well as e-Government introduction.
  • Value: BGN 3 012 000


Supreme Judicial Council:

  • Project: procedural-action analysis and certification statements in civil and administrative proceedings; recommendations on e-Justice rules’ scope.
  • Result: drawn-up e-Justice rules, providing major innovations, such as random order cases assignment and introducing e-mail address for the purpose of express summons.
  • Value: BGN 133 200


Bulgarian Investment Agency:

  • Project: Comparative analysis of the legal framework in terms of realization and foreign direct investment management in five European countries, covering the specific legislation in priority economic sectors for Bulgaria.
  • Result: Specific recommendations for legislative measures in order investment in Bulgaria to be stimulated.
  • Value: BGN 132 480


Мinistry of Justice:

  • Project: Comparative analysis of good European practices in ​​enforcement proceedings and e-Justice introduction area.
  • Result: recommendations made for enforcement proceedings electronisation, including electronic seizures and electronic auctions introduction.
  • Value: BGN 31 200


Ministry of Finance:

  • Project: Analysis of the structure of the Managing Authority of Operational Program Administrative Capacity: Functional Characteristics, Development of a Handbook in terms of implementing Operational Program Good Governing.
  • Result: A handbook, based on which Operational Program Good Governing functions.
  • Value: BGN 56 400


Administrative Supreme Court:

  • Project: Comparative analysis of good European practices in administrative justice field, including improving the efficiency and transparency of court actions; analysis of the organizational structure and working processes in Administrative Supreme Court.
  • Result: recommendations in terms of optimizing court’s activity, including Central Administrative Court introduction.
  • Value: BGN 154 800

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