Galin Popov

Chief Managing Partner

Focused on clients’ relations developing, public image, project management, legal due diligence.

Education and Additional Qualifications

National Institute of the Ministry of Interior, Master in Law, 1991

2nd School Emilian Stanev, Sofia, History, 1986


Professional Experience

Chief Managing Partner at Popov, Arnaudov and Partners Law Office since 1998

A member of Sofia Bar Association since 1992


Participation in Company’s Projects

At the beginning of his career, Popov worked in the field of commerce and bank law. In 1998, he founded Popov and Partners Law Office.

During the years, he has managed a number of projects in the following areas:

  • Acquisition, mergers, corporate structures and commercial transactions;
  • Deals and management of real estate;
  • Legal due diligence and legal acts projects;
  • Analysis and restructuring of working processes in institutions and companies;
  • Investment.

Popov has represented cliets in various court and arbitration litigations in the areas of commerce, tax and administrative law. Within the company structure, he is focused on client and institutional relations and the company’s public image. He manages projects in the areas of e-justice and e-management, as well as legal software developing. He manages analytical and comparative law projects, researching beneficial approaches in a number of European countries regarding topics such as enforcement proceedings, administrative service, and legal capacity acquisition.