Galin Popov

Chief Managing Partner

Emiliyan Arnaudov

Managing Partner

Elisaveta Yotova

Partner – Deputy Head of Department ‘Public Law and Projects’

Eleonora Sergieva

Partner – Head of Department ‘Public Law and Projects’

Sibina Eftenova

Partner - Head of Department Commercial Law and Regulations

Svilena Dimitrova

Partner Public Law and Projects

Hristo Koparanov

Partner Head of Practice Competition, Compliance and Regulations

Desislava Tsvetkova

Partner - Head of Department Debt Collection

Bozhko Poryazov

Partner – Head of practice Real Estate and Investments

Ivan Volodiev

Senior Associated Partner Corporate & Commercial

Galina Andreeva

Head of German and Italian Desk Of Counsel

Gabriela Dinolova

Associated Partner Debt Collection

Dilyana Staneva

Associated Partner Public Law and Projects

Dimitar Nikolov

Associated Partner Real estate and Regulations

Mitko Todorov

Associated Partner Debt Collection

Sirma Tomova

Associate Partner Commercial law and Disputes

Kristian Ivanov

Associated Partner Debt Collection

Ivelina Terziyska

Associated Partner Employment and Investments

Kiril Tsankov

Senior Legal Consultant - Department Administration and Analysis

Tsvetelina Holiyanova

Associate - Commercial law and Intellectual Property


Associate - Commercial law and Regulations

Gergana Mladenova

Junior Associated Partner Investments and Regulations

Samuil Dimitrov

Associate - Debt Collection

Marina Nikolova

Senior Legal Consultant - Debt Collection

Christian Milev

Legal Consultant - Commercial law and Regulations

Yordana Ilieva

Legal Consultant - Public Law and Projects

Preslava Belyakova

Legal consultant - Commercial Law and Regulations


Legal Consultant - Debt Collection


Legal trainee - Commercial law and Regulations

Renata Istaliyanova

Junior Legal Consultant - Debt Collection

Simeon Hristov

Administration and External Suppliers’ Manager

Plamen Pavlov

Labour Issues and Working Environment Manager

Borislav Sergiev

Fleet and Technical Support Specialist

Mariela Ivanova

Technical Assistant