Popov, Arnaudov & Partners Law Office operates also via its own call center, which claims to hold an extensive experience in collecting claims, differing from each other by its ground, due or nominal.

The call center is composed entirely of young jurists. Being professionals, they skillfully negotiate with debtors, explaining the unfavorable consequences in terms of various aspects when it comes to non-fulfilling monetary debts. Their responsibilities include:

  • Initial legal analysis of the characteristics of the assigned receivables;
  • Sending written notifications, invitations, notary invitations, early due notifications;
  • Conducting negotiations for signing out-of-court agreements;
  • Door-to-door contact with debtors in case the same ones cannot be contacted via phone or e-mail;
  • Finding an individual approach to each assigned case.


The services are provided while keeping the following standards:

  • A developed and complied ethical code directed to client’s debtors;
  • Using a software designed for the needs of the Law Office, which allows simultaneous operating with over 500 000 cases;
  • In entire compliance with the rules for personal data protection through implemented technical and organizational measures, but also due to the special requirements regarding legal secret.

The services mentioned above are provided by a Law Office keeping additional standards, guarantees of legality, confidentiality, good name and dignity preservation, when performing the activity – it is specially regulated by the current legislation, professional rules, ethics code as well as it is being monitored by the Bar Bodies, as opposed to the unregulated legal activity of collector agencies.

Experience and references

Popov, Arnaudov and Partners Law Office collects debts, assigned by clients, holding different profiles, including:

  • Banks and financial institutions
    The Law Office has been representing banks in collecting overdue credit debts since 2008. In recent years, thousands of cases have been assigned by a total of four well-known banks.
    The assigned cases cover a variety of credit products: secured and unsecured consumer loans, incl. credit cards and overdraft agreements, mortgage loans and more.
  • Water Supply and Sewerage Operators and Electricity Distribution Companies
    Since 2010, our office has been providing extra-judicial debt collection in terms of Water Supply and Sewerage Operators in a number of areas in the country.
    Since 2014, the named service has been provided to one of the energy distribution companies in the country.
  • Telecommunication operators
    In March 2017, Popov, Arnaudov and Partners Law Office signed contracts for judicial and extrajudicial collection of overdue debts with different default periods with the largest mobile operator in Bulgaria.

Clients about us

(before Chambers & Partners)

“I am pleased with the services I have been provided. I am extremely impressed by the work speed and the high-quality advice I’ve received.”

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