Judicial phase

Popov, Arnaudov and Partners Law Office represents its clients legally in a procedural manner, by forming and conducting all legal proceedings provided statutory: orders, claims, and interlocutory cases. The specific type of proceedings is determined by the specifics of the assigned case as well as the client’s requirements, having in mind each case is being individually approached.


Enforcement proceedings

Our Law Office operates successfully with bailiffs throughout the country. The established contacts allow negotiation when it comes to specific working rules from the view of the needs and requirements of the client.


Accompanying actions

Popov, Arnaudov and Partners Law Office assists the client in renewing their collateral, sending notary invitations, early due notifications, negotiating in terms of out-of-court settlement or debt restructuring. In the course of debt collecting process, the Law Office advises its clients on possible contractual framework improvements.


The services are provided when keeping the following standards:

  • After performing an initial analysis of the characteristics of the assigned receivables;
  • Having an individual approach to each assigned case – including when deciding which of the alternative legal actions to be proceeded;
  • Using an own software which allows simultaneous operating with thousands of debtors;
  • Debt collection at all stages– notifying the debtor before taking legal actions, initiating and conducting the relevant court proceedings, initiating and executing a lawsuit, negotiations with the debtors at each stage, aiming to conclude an out-of-court settlement, incl. agreements drafting;
  • Our own team is operating in all district area courts on the territory of the whole country, without relying on reassignment;
  • Continuous monitoring on the legislative changes as well as the case law rules, incl. those ones at EU level when considering the applicable legal actions in terms of the new requirements and trends;
  • Adherence to developed and constantly updated ethics code conduction when it comes to debtors.

Experience and references

Popov, Arnaudov and Partners has an extensive experience in collecting claims, differing from each other by its ground, due or nominal, assigned by clients with different profiles:

  • Banks and non-bank financial institutions
    Since 2008, our Law Office has been providing legal representation services to banks in terms of collecting overdue credit debts. In recent years, the team has been working on thousands of cases, assigned by a total of four well-known banks. The mentioned ones above cover:

    • Various credit products: secured and unsecured consumer credits, credit cards and overdraft agreements, mortgage loans;
    • Launching and/or participation in various types of proceedings: declaratory, convicting actions, appeals against immediate execution orders, suspension of immediate execution, launching and conducting of enforcement cases, proceedings on appeals against bailiffs’ actions, etc.;
    • Since the very beginning of 2016, taking convictions against foreigners has been launched.
  • Water and Electricity Distribution Operators
    Since the end of 2012, the Law Office has begun working on debt collection of water and sewerage operators. A legal representation in terms of more than 3 000 cases, amounting at more than BGN 2 million, has been assigned.
  • Telecommunication operators
    In mid-2017, the Law Office signed contracts regarding overdue debt collection, due by subscribers of the largest mobile operator in Bulgaria.
  • Other corporate clients
    The corporate clients of the company operate in Bulgaria and abroad in various sectors such as: industry, furniture and household goods, transport and logistics, chemical products distribution, telecommunications, construction, property management and so on. The legal services offered to corporate clients include legal assistance and court actions for collecting their monetary debts to counterparties on the Bulgarian and international markets.
    The entire work on such cases over the years has enabled our team to accumulate rich information on the state of corporate indebtedness regarding different markets, development trends and a database of persistently unfair traders in the industry.
    The gained knowledge in terms of the legal matter in the various legislation branches makes our Law Office a preferred partner in resolving commercial disputes.

Clients about us

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“I am pleased with the services I have been provided. I am extremely impressed by the work speed and the high-quality advice I have received.”

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