The specialized team of our Law Office advises and represents both traders and consumers in consumer protection cases. Among the services offered are, as it follows:

  • Developing and/or consulting general terms and conditions for merchants – both for business in retail outlets and related to online trading or out-of-outlets contracting.
  • Real-time consultation regarding specific consumer claims, having in mind that such consultations are being carried out immediately and the same are providing the opportunity for specific, lawful actions to be taken by the client as soon as the case occurs.
  • Litigation before the Commission for Consumer Protection (CPC), as well as before the court in appeal against punitive orders or orders, issued by CPC; legal representation regarding consumer claims.
  • Consultations and representation of individuals, whose interests are being damaged in relation to flights. Thanks to the developed know-how, the company’s team successfully represents its clients before airplane companies in case their flights have been delayed or canceled, as well regarding lost or delayed luggage cases.

Regarding advertising field, our Law Office offers to its clients:

  • Copy advice on advertising, promotions and commercial communication for compliance with the legal requirements and the ethical rules in the field of advertising, consumer protection and competition protection, as well as specific sectoral rules when advertising gambling, alcohol, food and etc.
  • Preview of games, raffles and more.
  • Representation before the Ethics Commission, the Commission for Protection of Competition, CPC, the Electronic Media Council.
  • Representation before judicial authorities.

Experience and references

Among the implemented projects in the current field are:

  • Consulting the general terms and conditions of banks and non-bank financial institutions in order to provide consumer loans, including those in connection with the new technological means of concluding contracts – on-line platforms, tablets;
  • Real-time consumer claims, regarding consumer rights violations – committed by tour operators or other hotel service providers, leading distributors of white goods, leading European and Bulgarian furniture chains, office supplies and computer equipment distributors.
  • Successfully completed proceedings for damages, sustained due to delayed flights/lost or delayed luggage on an airplane flight;
  • Successfully completed appeals proceedings against punitive decrees and administrative acts issued by the CPC;
  • Regular legal stand-points provision on the lawfulness of a certain advertisement, as well as successful customer protection in cases against them in connection with conducted commercial communication.


The Managing Partner, Emilian Arnaudov, attorney-at-law, was a member of the Ethics Committee at the National Self-Regulatory Council and at present, he is a member of the Appeals Committee. Due to the aforesaid, apart from the considerable experience and knowledge of the generally required legal requirements, our team is fully aware of the standards and rules of ethical advertising and commercial communication in Bulgaria (including the application of the National Ethics Rules on Advertising and Commercial Communication of the National Self-Regulatory Council).

Clients about us

„Great news! That was a case of a great importance. A ruling that would have been detrimental to us, subsequently, it would have failed the strongest and most profitable advertising campaign we had ever used.”

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