An Analysis on Cartels & leniency law in Bulgaria, prepared by Hristo Koparanov and Emiliyan Arnaudov, is published by ICLG to: Cartels & Leniency 2020

A Comparative Guide on Cartels & Leniency Laws and Regulations 2020 was published on the website of International Comparative Law Guide by GLG – an independent London-based media company specializing in the legal and strategic business sectors.

The section of the handbook describing the state of the law and practice in the Republic of Bulgaria has been prepared by the Head of the Competition and Consumer Law Practice at Popov, Arnaudov & Partners Law Firm – Hristo Koparanov and the Managing Partner – Emiliyan Arnaudov. This section contains the regulation under the Bulgarian law regarding the prohibition of cartels and other forms of anti-competitive bargaining. The analysis considers the policy of the Commission on protection of competition on leniency and the procedural issues regarding proceedings before the CPC for the detection and sanctioning of cartels are addressed, as well as and various legal options to avoid sanctions.

The law firm’s team, specialized in Competition Law, is going to prepare a section on merger control that will be issued as part of the comparative guide.