“Popov & Partners” gave a presentation in a discussion panel on: “Digital Currency: out of the Shadows and into the Spotlight”at the TAG Law International Conference in Lisbon, Portugal

The New Technologies, the Generation Gap in Firms and Flexible Work Environments were among the topics presented at the International Conference in Lisbon, Portugal


The International Conference was held in May 2016, organized by TAG Law –  one of the largest international networks of more than 155 high-quality, independent law firms in more than 80 countries worldwide, which was attended by Popov & Partners in 2014.

At the beginning of the year the TAG Law network was ranked by Chambers & Partners as an “Elite” which ranks it among the top legal alliances in the world. The rankings are based in part on the quality of TAG Law’s independent law firm members and the service the firms provide to their clients.

In attendance at the conference were members of TAG Law’s affiliate alliances, TIAG® and TAG-SP™. All three alliances are collectively known as the TAG Alliances™. The conference provides members with the opportunity to strengthen the relationships within the TAG Alliances.

Sessions in discussion panels on various topics were held during the conference. Popov & Partners represented by Sibina Eftenova gave a presentation in discussion panel “Digital Currency: out of the Shadows and into the Spotlight” explaining topics which even experts are not familiar with. The digital currencies are increasingly popular and spread as a payment method in today’s fast growing high-tech world. However, they are not alone “into the spotlight” – more and more in focus is the technology behind them – the block chain. The expert panel presented various applications of this revolutionary technology in the field of financial services, government, registration of real estate transactions and intellectual property rights, and the mechanism of so-called “smart contracts”. It was emphasizing over the challenges and the opportunities that the technology presents in the sphere of professional legal and accounting services. Finally, a review was included of the regulatory approaches to the activities associated with digital currencies in more than 7 countries worldwide.