“Popov & Partners” is executing a public procurement, assigned by the Supreme administrative court with a subject matter “Increase of transparency and efficiency in the work of SAC”

“Popov & Partners” won the procedure for awarding a public procurement, announced by the Supreme administrative court (SAC). The procurement is meant to increase the transparency and efficiency in the work of the court. The project is realized with the financial support of Operational program “Administrative capacity” (OPAC), co-financed by the European Union through the European social fund. The activities, which the law office will execute include: preparing analysis of good European practices in the management of the quality in the judicial system, making an evaluation of the internal organization of the work in SAC, as well as preparing a handbook with internal rules and procedure for the work of SAC. The experts from “Popov & Partners” will organize working meetings in 3 European countries, during which the representatives of SAC will exchange experience with foreign magistrates and managers of administrative courts. The contract for execution was signed on 09/10/2013.

The project was presented in details at a press conference, which took place on 05/11/2013 in Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan. Among the participants were the chairperson and the deputy chairpersons of SAC, heads of administrative courts, journalists. The conception for execution of the assignment of the law office was presented by Galin Popov, a head of the team for execution of the project, and in the press conference participation took also the three key experts on behalf of the law office – Emiliyan Arnaudov (development of procedures and rules), Eleonora Sergieva (strategies development) and Viktoriya Biserova (technical expert).

After the end of the press conference, the law office handed in the assignor the result of the first subphase of the project – Analysis of good European practices for quality management of the judicial system. The document examines in detail the condition and successful overwhelming of problems, which the judiciaries in Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Estonia and Poland were faced with. The Analysis identifies the good practices, evaluates their applicability in Bulgaria and the expected positive effects of them.