Popov & Partners admitted as a member of Bulgarian Water Association

At the beginning of April 2015 Popov & Partners was admitted as a corporate member of the Bulgarian Water Association (BWA). BWA is the largest organization in Bulgaria that combines all WSS operators, trade companies and business consultants with focus on the management of the water resources and the development of the water-supply services in the country. In international aspect BWA has parnership relations with European Water Association and International Water Association and other international water organizations, whose activity reflects directly over the development of the water sector in global aspect.

The admission of Popov & Partners as the first and for the moment – the only law firm in the country, as a member of BWA, is an acknowledgement of the several-years work and efforts of our team in the field of the water regulations & utilites and in close co-operation with most of the organizations engaged in the water reform.

Besides an acknowledgement we consider that our membership in BWA is also a big challenge, as it will give us the opportunity to put for discussion within this national forum some essential issues for the sector.