Popov, Arnaudov and Partners were honored by Media Law International (MLI)

Popov, Arnaudov and Partners was awarded by Media Law International (MLI) as a leading office in the field of media law for 2022. Media Law International (MLI) is an independent publishing business that produces the flagship annual guide, exclusively focused on media law, providing broad coverage of legal and business sectors in multiple jurisdictions.

In 2021, media law was among the main focuses in the work of the Law office. Popov, Arnaudov & Partners was selected by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture to prepare and assess the impact of draft law implementing the DSM and SatCab directives in Bulgaria. The directives are among the most important acts for the functioning of the digital single media market within the EU. In addition, the Law office continued to advise media market participants on the settlement of their relations with right holders and users, as well as on the compliance of their advertising messages with the requirements for ethical communication.