Hristo Koparanov before Bulgaria On Air on the European Commission’s infringement procedure regarding the regulated supply of food products

Att. Hristo Koparanov was a guest on the program “Direct” on Bulgaria On Air TV on the topic of the infringement procedure, related to the requirements introduced by the Bulgarian Government in the spring regarding the supply of food products by regional producers in grocery store chains. Att. Koparanov explained the European Commission‘s claims and the reason why the Commission considers the introduced measures restrictive towards the freedom of movement of goods and the freedom of establishment. The expected effects of these measures on the grocery stores’ business activity were also discussed – both on larger chains and on smaller outlets, where Bulgarian food products are traditionally sold. In general, Att. Koparanov reflected upon the importance of free economic initiative and the role and importance of state intervention in economic activity, while also emphasizing that the European Commission’s requirement is that if European products are cheaper and preferred by consumers instead of Bulgarian products, the State should not interfere with the aim to change the consumer choice.

The full text of the interview you can access here.