An Analysis on Consumer Protection in Bulgaria, prepared by Galin Popov and Hristo Koparanov, is published by ICLG to: Consumer Protection 2020

A Comparative Guide on Consumer Protection 2020 was published on the website of International Comperative Law Guide by GLG – an independent London-based media company specializing in the legal and strategic business sectors.

The section of the handbook describing the state of the law and practice in the Republic of Bulgaria has been prepared by the Head of the Competition and Consumer Law Practice at Popov, Arnaudov & Partners Law Firm – Hristo Koparanov and the Chief Managing Partner – Galin Popov. The section contains the regulation according to the Bulgarian legislation of the requirements to the quality and safety of the goods and their compliance with the sales contracts. The conditions for filing complaints, the regulatory requirements for the behavior of traders, as well as the consequences of non-compliance with legal rules and the order in which they are imposed are discussed.