Gabriela Dinolova

Associated Partner Debt Collection

She has vast experience specializing in judicial and out-of-court debt collection regarding overdue loans and financial institutions, trading companies and individuals in creditors’ rights protection field. During her practice, Dinolova has been working in public procurement field, labour and commercial law, legal representation experience in civil and commercial disputes.

Education and Additional Qualifications

Sofia University St. Climent Ohridski, Sofia, Master in Law, 2008

Language and Management School Vasil Kunchov, Vratsa, Major in Management


Professional Experience

A member of Sofia Bar Association since 2012
Legal advisor (2008 – 2011)


Participation in Company’s Projects

Dinolova has been working in judicial debt collection since 2011. She has been representing clients in a range of judicial and arbitrary lawsuits in civil and commercial law field. She has been protecting creditors’ rights in proceedings of debt collection at out-of-court and judicial stages. Dinolova has vast experience and expertise in the field of ordinance, claim and enforcement proceedings as well as in labour disputes. Dinolova provides an overall legal analysis and consultation of clients in the field of civil litigation, with an emphasis on enforcement proceedings.

She has been working on a project in the field of enhancing the administrative capacity, efficiency of the state authorities and institutions, administrative burden decreasing.